Pre-training review for VET students instructions

Every prospective students must conduct a Pre-Training Review of current competencies including literacy and numeracy skills prior to commencement in training. In addition the pre-training review is designed to:

  • identify any competencies previously acquired (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Credit Transfer);
  • ascertain the most suitable qualification for that student to enrol in, based on the individual‟s existing educational attainment, capabilities, aspirations and interests and with due consideration of the likely job outcomes from the development of new competencies and skills; and
  • ascertain that the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for that individual.

In addition during your pre - training interview prospective students will be assessed as to:

  • Eligibility for funded placement (You can also check the eligibility criteria here); and
  • Eligibility for concession price under funding;

Check you eligibility for a funded training placement

Please note that individual circumstances may affect the assessment. We will assess your eligibility after you have submitted all the documents required.

How to prepare for the pre training interview.

1 Download the pre training review form

Download here


2 Prepare the documents

2 Prepare the documents

3 Book your interview

3 Book your interview

Dowload the pre training - review document and follow the instructions. The pre training review documents will guide you step by step.

2 Prepare the documents you need to attach to the pre training review.

3 Should you want to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Credit Transfer prepare the documents you need to prove that you possess the skills required. Click here for more information;

4 Book you interview.

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